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Boleslawiec Polish Pottery.

We love unusual, beautiful and functional products. At Polkadot Lane UK we are proud to offer pieces we love to cherish, display and use in our home.

We pride ourselves on carefully sourcing the finest and most beautiful Boleslawiec Polish Pottery from the small town of Boleslawiec in Lower Silesia Poland. The area is rich in Stoneware clay and the pottery has evolved over centuries around its natural resources resulting in the establishment of many Pottery schools in Boleslawiec.

Early pottery production in Boleslawiec involved decorating each piece using potatoes for the stamping. The traditional patterns of cobalt blue, were painted with designs such as  twigs, spots and peacock feathers.

The pottery was then glazed and fired to very high temperatures. This was and still is a process involving great skill and dexterity.

The Boleslawiec spot pattern and the mosquito pattern are today the most recognisable of all the Polish Pottery patterns. Polkadot Lane call the mosquito pattern the Fern Spot pattern.

Many of the pieces have  unique and intricate hand painted patterns based on fruits, flowers and countryside. Individual pieces of Polish Pottery are never identical and for this reason each piece is original, collectable and unique.

Genuine Boleslawiec Polish pottery will always show the stamp ‘Hand made in Poland’ and will have the manufacturers logo on the bottom. Beware of the copies which do not have this manufactures identification.

Ceramiczne Manufaktura and Ceramiczne Artystyczna supply the bulk of our pottery. The ceramics from these long established producers come with a very high reputation. Strength, functionality and simplicity of design are just some of the attributes. The pottery is ideal for todays lifestyle. Take a look at our famous Yorkshire pudding dishes.

Polkadot Lane import only 1st quality products and the range includes everyday Polkadot Blue teapots, mugs, butterdishes, oven dishes and much more. Many of the producers have different levels of pattern designs. This ranges from spotty pieces to the more intricate and artistic designs. These include patterns such as green meadow which is used on the green meadow teapots, mugs, oven dishes.


As a contrast to the popular Boleslawiec spot, we import from  Ceramika Andy, Ceramika Millena and Ceramika Ada. These are individual family run manufactures in Boleslawiec and provide us with many Unique (Unikat) and beautifully handcrafted signature (artist signed) pieces.  An example is the Honey Pots. They have a distinct style of their own which also includes owl money boxes, Christmas trees and lemon squeezers.

All pieces of Polish pottery produced in Boleslawiec are Stoneware, hand crafted, hand finished and fired twice to high temperatures with a final firing of at least 1250c. Most importantly, the high temperature of the final firing creates a very strong and durable pottery.

The shapes formed are either thrown by hand on a potter’s wheel or liquid clay is poured into a mould producing a ‘form’, which is dried and cleaned ready to be decorated. Small sea sponges are individually cut to stamp on the pattern and colour. The more elaborate designs are painted on using paint brushes and here the artists can express their creativity with whatever patterns they so desire. The piece is then hand dipped twice in a strong glaze after which it goes in for its long and final firing.

The processes of production result in a smooth glaze with a hard wearing finish, which is extremely durable. The pottery cleans easily and is highly resistant to chipping and wear. Each piece is oven, microwave, dishwasher, Aga and freezer safe. It will withstand the hottest oven, up to 280C or 536F, taking care  from the extremes of the freezer to the oven or oven to freezer.

The pattern remains vibrant and the glaze and pattern will not fade in the dishwasher. It holds its heat well when serving to the table, keeping food warm throughout the meal. Ideal oven to tableware and essential for todays lifestyle.

At Polkadot Lane we stock the most colourful and comprehensive selection of Boleslawiec Polish Pottery.

It is beautiful whether it is a simple pattern or an elaborate pattern and when using this pottery you do not have to try – it does it for you ‘any occasion is a special occasion with Polish pottery’.


About our Products

About Our Products

All our products are of the highest quality, unique and are extremely practical.  The pottery is ovenproof, dishwasher, microwave, Aga and freezer-safe with a wide variety of patterns and designs to collect.  Many of our pieces are individually signed and with some patterns 'Zastrzeżony’ (patent protected).