Tea Time

Tea Time Polish Pottery. Here you will find teapots for one, two and three or more persons, mugs, cups and saucers and jugs in three sizes. At Polkadot Lane we also stock sugar bowls, jam pots and honey pots.

Polkadot Lane Polish Pottery is all made for us directly from the long established factories of Ceramika Manufaktura, Ceramika Artystyczna, Ceramika Millena and Ceramika Artystyczna in Boleslawiec Poland.

Some are Unikat (unique) desisgns.

Tea Time Polish Pottery patterns can be matched into a tea set or you can mix and match the designs.

The teapots are all excellent pourers and do not drip. They are best suited to leaf tea rather than tea bags.

The Teapots come in 0.4 litre (.70 uk pints) 0.9 litre (1.58 UK pints) 1.2 litre (2.11 pints) and 1.8 litre (3.16 pints). The 1.8 litre has an additional handle.